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Why Work With IBSA?

Unique Document Solutions Model
IBSA members are independent business solutions providers who are carefully screened by the IBSA selection committee to ensure quality, professionalism and financial stability. Our 130 Affiliates are located throughout the United States and average more than 20 years experience in the document management industry. We have formed strategic partnerships with more than 110 high quality suppliers. By concentrating our buying power within this select pool, our 130 affiliates are able to secure the most competitive pricing in our industry. We are constantly growing and looking for innovative companies to add to our alliance. As a result, we have the ability to quickly adapt to industry changes and customer needs.



Our History

Nine distributor owners founded IBSA in 2002 as a response to the changing tides in our industry. We wanted to create a new distributor model that would lower costs, increase sales opportunities, and put us on competitive footing with larger distributors and directs. We quickly secured two large national accounts and were named Distributor of the Year by BFL&S in our second year. With a current membership of over 250 companies and over $450 Million in annual sales, we are in a strong position to emerge as the leading distributor in our industry.


Our Mission

IBSA will provide its large, multi-location customers with a broad array of competitively priced solutions produced by its certified Supplier network and seamlessly delivered with a high level of personal service and attention to detail through its Affiliate distributors.



IBSA, through their Affiliate Distributors and certified Suppliers, will become the preferred source for large multi-location customers seeking to implement a comprehensive corporate-wide outsourcing program.


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