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Membership - Supplier

As an approved IBSA supplier, you will benefit from a dedicated customer base of IBSA Affiliates nationwide.

Accepted Suppliers will be expected to do the following:

  • Provide rebates to IBSA of 5% of all sales to our Affiliates
  • Report sales and provide payment to IBSA of all sales for the previous month by the 15th of each month
  • Provide a report in the approved IBSA format, including a breakdown of invoices and a subtotal for each Affiliate
  • Attend and exhibit at the annual IBSA national conference
  • Provide product information for the IBSA online quoting system
  • Respond to RFQs in a timely manner

Applications received by IBSA will be judged for acceptance on the following criteria:

  • Geographical location
  • Need for product type or service
  • Potential conflicts with current IBSA Suppliers
  • Current position with IBSA Affiliates
  • Marketing plan
  • Reporting ability
  • Number of locations
  • Verified Dun & Bradstreet rating or other suitable credit source

The process for joining IBSA is as follows:

  • At the bottom of this page, there is a link to an application that can bill filled out online. Please respond to all questions as completely as possible.
  • An application fee of $500 should then be sent to IBSA at P.O. Box 752168, Dayton, OH 45475.
  • Application review will begin after the application fee has been received.
  • Once your application and fee have been received, you will be asked to provide a report of your current position (last 12 months sales) with our Affiliates.
  • In addition, you will be asked to provide a detailed plan on how you would market your capabilities to our Affiliates.
  • Upon receipt of your report, your information will be forwarded to our Supplier Committee for consideration.
  • If your application is turned down for any reason, your application fee of $500 will be returned to you along with an explanation of why your application was not accepted.
  • If your application is tentatively approved by our Supplier Committee, you will be forwarded our Supplier Agreement for your consideration.
  • As part of the Supplier Agreement, you will receive information regarding the signing fee to join IBSA. The fee will be decided based upon several factors, including:
    • Current business position with our Affiliates
    • Gap Analysis
    • Potential Supplier Conflicts
  • If you do not accept the terms of our agreement, you must let us know in writing the reason for your non-acceptance.
  • If you do not become a member because you did not accept our offer of membership, you will not be refunded the $500 application fee.
  • If you accept our offer, please return the signed agreements along with your application fee.

To begin the process, click here to complete the online application.