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Membership - Distributor

Thank you for your interest in joining IBSA. Please review the application process below before filling out our online application.

You can fill out an online application for membership to IBSA.

Step One:     Submit a $500 application fee to IBSA headquarters at P.O. Box 752168, Dayton, OH 45475, Attention Affiliate Application.

Step Two:     Provide us with your current position (last 12 months business) with our suppliers.

Step Three:     The Affiliate Committee reviews your application and information. Your application will be judged based upon your geographical location and IBSA’s current needs, as well as your current business position with our suppliers.

Step Four:     Upon approval of your application, you will be forwarded the IBSA Affiliate Agreements for your signature.

Once you are accepted, you will be expected to do at least the following things to qualify and be eligible for National Account Assignments:

  • Average $10,000 monthly purchase volume with our Suppliers
  • Average using at least 6 IBSA Suppliers each month
  • Complete all IBSA Surveys or Requests for Information
  • Attend required healthcare certification training and other training events
  • Attend the annual conference
  • Remain in good standing with IBSA and our Suppliers
  • Pay all IBSA Suppliers promptly

Click here to begin the application process.